Lantai Kayu Parket GLUCK"Golden Maple"
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16 Mar 2018
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Parquet Gluck

Specification of Lantai Kayu Parket GLUCK"Golden Maple"

Wood Flooring Parquet Gluck Laminated Flooring

Griya Parket Interior sell Parquet Floor with the following specifications:

- Has level of hardness or resilience Parquet class AC4. AC (Abrasi Class parquet) is the level of violence / endurance parquet against pedestrian traffic or traffic of people and goods. The greater the level of Class Abrasion, the better the level of endurance parquet. Size of Parquet Density / Density consists of AC1 to AC5.

- Has AG (Anti Scratch) that protects Parquet from friction objects such as shoes or home furnishings

- APR (Anti Smoke Cigarette)

- Already coated Wax or Extra Layers For Water Resistance Against Parquet Connection

- AR (Already Protected With Anti Termite Medicines By Fabricating), Makes Parquet Anti Termite

- ALS = Anti Static Electricity (Does not Electrocute if Electrical Grounding is not good)
With Product Specifications:
Code: Golden Maple
Size: 1215 X 196 X 8.3 mm
Contents per box: 8 Sheets: 1.935m2
Wood Flooring Parquet is currently widely used as an interior because wooden floors create a natural impression in the room. In addition, the wood floor also adds a luxurious and warm impression on the apartment, hotel, office, restaurant or other room. So this can add to the beauty of the interior of the house. The natural motifs of diverse wood fibers make wood floors more attractive. In addition, wooden flooring is also made of different types of wood to be tailored to the needs and budget.

We always strive to provide interior design solutions parquet wood floor so you are more confident to use our services and products.

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Whatsapp / Hp: 082299784136

Phone / Fax: 021-21478906

Email: griyalantaikayu@gmail.com

Address: Budget Complex KP Bugis RT 17/03, No.13, Cempaka Baru, Central Jakarta

We always strive to provide wood flooring and plank, vinyl flooring, Carpet, Wallpaper With Quality Material, which will give new atmosphere to your apartment, office, hotel and room in your home.

A warm and earthy atmosphere can be easily obtained by using and combining your interior design with our product range.

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