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Lantai Vinyl Silenus Type Stone Tile
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24 Aug 2018
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Vinyl SILENUS is one of vinyl products have been present in the market of Indonesia. With the presence of vinyl Silenus, will add to the tight vinyl competition in the market. It will have a positive impact on competition to improve product quality among competitors. In addition it will increasingly pamper the consumer in the selection of motives to adjust the desires and needs.

The advantages of Silene vinyl flooring compared to parquet wood floor in addition to water-resistant quality that has a lot of choice patterns and sizes are very diverse. Types of Vinyl owned Silenus diantarnya Wood Tile, and Stone Tile.

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Vinyl Motif Wood, Vinyl Flooring, Vinyl Plank, Vinyl Floor, present to make vinyl wood motif interior of your house become attractive and more beautiful and display elements of wood that is very charming and luxurious because Floor is an important element in designing interior of home, and others. to bring this wood element in your place is by using Vinyl Floor Motif Wood.

To get the results of beautiful, comfortable, elegant and luxurious dwelling and design will be easily obtained by using our products.

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