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06 Jun 2018
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Specification of


Vinyl Solid Leisure Floor Specification 4.0:
Type: LES6501-01
Size: 2.00 X 20 X 0.4mm

Vinyl Leisure Floor as a floor coating that has a soft texture with a surface that is not slippery and easy to clean. Vinyl floor that can be applied on the floor of the sports field, such as on the floor badminton field (badminton), table tennis courts, futsal field, especially on the floor of the GYM room.

Vinyl Floor Sports with a thickness of 4mm, LG Leisure 4.0 is intended for floor sports at the Sports Center floor, vinyl floor for GYM, vinyl floor for the playground room and study (Education Room). LG Leisure 4.0 is able to reduce the impact so as not to cause injury at the impact to the floor. vinyl lg leisure 4.0 is also anti-bacterial, anti-static, and anti-fungal.

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