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28 Aug 2018
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Specification of Karpet Roll Trojen


The loop pile carpet is one of the most widely used roll carpet / roll carpet for large areas and is often skipped. The loop pile carpet has a bent and unmoved edge of the carpet, so the threads weave strongly. The thickness and motif on the loop pile carpet are varied and can be easily customized to your liking.

The thickness of the loop pile carpet is usually not too thick. This is because the function of the carpet loop pile itself. This carpet is intended for the room is often skipped so it must have a strong structure and not too thick. For areas that are often passed by wheels either luggage or trolley wheels, thin loop pile carpets would be preferred. Thin rugs are easier to pass by wheels when compared with thick carpets that impede wheel movement.

The motive of the loop pile carpet is very varied considering the usefulness of this carpet is the most widely used. For plain motifs, this carpet is suitable for use in room or office. Line motif can be used for hall or meeting room. While the motifs are usually used for the lobby or place where it attracts a lot of attention. In a spacious room, it is preferable to use plain motifs as it will make the room look more spacious and not too full. Usually the use of this motif combined with some motifs to look more leverage. Suppose the user carpet patterned at the edge of the room and use a plain patterned carpet in the middle of the room or vice versa. This combination is intended to keep the room visible relieved although using a motive with a solid style.

The price of loop pile carpet is quite cheap when compared with the carpet cut pile or wilton carpet. We sell this carpet with two types of price that is purchasing meter and purchasing in rolls. For meter purchases you can buy carpets to suit your needs. As for the purchase of the roll, you must buy one whole roll of carpet but of course with a cheaper price.
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