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Selling Cheap Price Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring is a type of synthetic floor covering that mimics other types of flooring such as imitating wood, stone, marble, and many more. Vinyl floors are made of vinyl which has a very smooth and elastic texture. Floors available in the form of sheets or tiles (board) can be one of the favorite floor choices for you interior design of a residential floor. Vinyl floors have a smoother surface than parquet floors. Vinyl floors have a bottom layer in the form of foam or cloth that will give a comfortable and soft feel when stepped on.

We Griya Parquet Interior selling vinyl flooring at the cheapest price is the most complete choice with various shades, colors and styles. We provide various types of Vinyl floors: Vinyl Golden Crown, Vinyl Eazy Floor, JC Floor Vinyl, Vinyl Muller, Vinyl Tile, etc.

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